signature talks

These talks are broken down into three areas — Leadership, Business Operations, and Personal Productivity. They provide insight and practical how-tos. All of these talks can be customized for the audience and specific purpose.




Cultivate Superpower Teams

 This talk shares how to build a team, develop trust and operationalize the behaviors that deliver results that are 10x counterpart teams. 

Tina is a powerhouse with an extraordinary background spanning engineering, business, ops, and systems development at companies like Fitbit, Amazon Lab126, and Oracle. She’s a veteran in the tech space, with unrivaled experience impacting 2D diversity (not something that most people are actually measuring within the teams they manage) and some serious data to back up the necessity of gender diversity for thriving teams and company cultures. She walks her talk and delivers a workshop that keeps people interacting, learning, and glued to all the points she makes. I’ve never seen so many people asking questions in a workshop, to keep digging deeper into the wealth of knowledge and personal anecdotes she has to share. She’s the real deal, and has done the actual work in the trenches to change the diversity numbers and build family bonds within her teams. Every single manager struggling to retain their employees, tackling diversity, or who wants to develop a successful team needs to connect with Tina.
— Marisol MacGregor; People Development, Formerly Zendesk

Instructions Included: Assemble a Diverse Team

Building a diverse team is possible! This talk gives practical tips to build teams that are diverse in their inherent and acquired characteristics.

At the heart of Tina’s approach is intentionality. Lots of people talk about diversity but intentionality is the key to bringing people together. That’s the compelling idea behind Tina’s message. Everyone knows diversity is good but Tina takes it an important step further.
— G. Persons

Everybody Into the Foxhole: Foster Inclusion by Employing a "Foxhole" Mentality

Want to capture the type of magic rarely seen in a business setting?  This talk gives you the keys to developing teams that share a common language and a mentality where people look out for their team members more than themselves.

Tina delivered an inspiring keynote speech to close out our Women in Tech conference. Her talk, “Everybody Into the Foxhole: Foster Inclusion by Employing a ‘Foxhole’ Mentality”, was inspiring, personal and full of actionable steps our attendees could take to create a culture of inclusivity in their own companies.

Tina is that rare speaker who becomes a true partner in the success of an event; engaging with the planning team to ensure her talk was customized to our needs and using her own social media and personal networks to spread the word, ultimately helping us to sell out the event.
— Jacob Wayman; Co-founder Shift ICT

Read Your Way to the Top: The Book Club Method for Developing Leadership Teams

Understand the why, who, what, and how of creating a book club that will build and develop a leadership team.

Do You See What I See: How to Create a Vision & Common Purpose

If you want to get everyone moving in the same direction and with common purpose, this talk is for you.

Time to Renovate: Using Your Physical Environment to Foster Product/Program Allegiance

There is a reason we use language like “building walls” when we talk about relationships; we inherently understand physical barriers create emotional and cognitive barriers.  This talk will help you construct physical spaces that foster cooperation and cohesion.



The Magical Narrative: A Decision Making Methodology

Want to quickly make decisions that are based on data and logical reasoning?  Adopting the Narrative Method will help you put together your case and transform meetings from awkward to productive.

Know Thyself: Selecting the Project/Program Management Tools that Will Deliver the Best Results for You

Are you loathe to implement project or program practices like Agile or Lean because you fear being boxed into a philosophical corner? In this workshop you’ll learn how to find the golden nugget within these programs to deliver great performance in a way that’s authentic to your team and company.

You can feel how passionate Tina is about cultivating superpower teams. Though a serious subject, she maintains focus, enthusiasm and positivity throughout and left us all with a clear, empowering call to action.

The Infinite Success Loop: Goals -> Metrics -> Reflection -> Improve/Pivot ∞

Learn to implement simple disciplines that will create success for the company, teams, and individuals.

Tina was our keynote speaker for SmartHaptics 2017 and delivered “The Infinite Success Loop: Goals -> Metrics -> Reflection -> Improve/Pivot ∞.” She provided a dynamic, engaging, and practical talk that left even the most technical attendees looking for ways to create a success loop for their organizations.
— -Jena Stout - Conference Producer, Smithers

Yes, There’s Something to See Here: Visual Management Strategies to Accelerate Results

It is so simple and so powerful, creating the focus people and teams need to get great results.  Learn how.

Stop Wasting Time: Meeting Structures that Make the Most of Everyone's Time

Do your team (and you) spend so much time in meetings that work has to be done outside of office hours or it just doesn’t get done? This talk will help you transform your meetings so they are focused, productive and occur less frequently while the team achieves more.



Get S%#& Done: be a Zen Boss

This workshop gives the pillars found in “Getting Things Done” along with practical experience for how to implement into your own life.  Start your personal  journey to reduced stress and getting more done.

GPS Your Life: Visualize How to Spend Your Time

Go beyond time management to implementing practices so you are spending time on the most important things.

Forget Work-Life Balance: Living an Integrated Life

If you have come to the conclusion that “work-life balance” is impossible, it may be time to shift the paradigm and start moving to an integrated life model. This workshop teaches you how.